The Team

Dick van Zuijlen


After graduating from Erasmus University, I began working for the Department of Health, Welfare & Culture (WVC). After a few years I moved to Amsterdam, working for an institution delivering nursery & medical care services at home.

I started working for Mojo Concerts in October 1994. Mojo back then had about 20 employees and began to grow fast. The second edition of Lowlands just passed, North Sea Jazz had just been bought and there were plans to built what became the Heineken Music Hall in 2001. In 1999 and 2000 Mojo was sold to what is now Live Nation and in 2004 the preparations for the development of the Ziggo Dome began, leading to its opening in June 2012.

My focus has been more on the business side and I am most proud of the fact that this growth and all these changes have left Mojo's DNA largely unchanged: A shared passion for live music, openness and respect for creativity, combined with a down to earth, professional attitude.

I need a few more words to explain my idea behind this SpiriFest. Click here to find out more about Why Inspire...

Ektala Didem Çaylak


I am a certified trauma therapist and currently doing a post graduate degree in clinical psychology. I used to be in the world of finance for many years. When I started searching for a deeper meaning in life, I began attending various workshops and spiritual teachings, and discovered my passion in psychology and more specific in trauma therapy. I have initiated the introduction of some of these therapies to Turkey.
On my path I met my partner Dick, who brought so many new things and meanings into my life. When our worlds came together, one thing lead to another and now we are here: I am thrilled to make this new Festival come true.

Why Inspire?

For me INSPIRE means being total .. Being total in what we do and being inspirational to our own selves and to others. Eckhart Tolle`s a A New Earth talks about the alignment of our inner and outer purpose, resulting in flow.. That’s what I believe the journey of INSPIRE is… A flow of unimaginable magnitude.

And I believe music and dancing are the best natural therapies :-).

Tijn Touber


Tijn Touber (1960) is a musician, writer and inspirator. He was the founder of pop band Lois Lane, whose debut album got to number one in the Dutch album charts and sold over 100,000 copies. Among other songs, Tijn wrote the title track for the movie Amsterdamned. After his musical adventure, he committed to awareness development, studied with enlightened masters and lived as a yogi in Amsterdam for fourteen years. In this time, he trained police personnel, delinquents in prisons, nursing staff in hospitals and young people at the Lowlands Festival. Like no-one else, Tijn knows how to bring spirituality to life and translate it into daily reality. On this, he writes columns, interviews and articles. In June 2009, he released his bestselling book Spoedcursus Verlichting (‘Crash Course In Enlightenment’), followed a year later by Verlicht Leven (‘Enlightened Life’) and, again a year later, by Stadsverlichting (‘City Enlightenment’), an initiative to open houses in the Netherland to regular meditation. Besides all this, Tijn teaches masterclasses about his new book Het Geheim Van Genialiteit (‘The Secret Of Geniality’), among others. With his partner Kris, he also organizes Silent Concerts. 

Why Inspire ? 
“Inspire is an important festival. It’s the place where passion and action meet. And that is a necessity in a time in which lifeless structures collapse and inspiration gets structure. Inspire is a place where inspiration touches Earth and spirituality shapes itself: during concerts, in yoga, meditation and breathing workshops, in interviews, panels, lectures and happenings. I am happy to be a part of this new festival, brought to you by the makers of Lowlands – for me, an annual highlight. Together with my girlfriend Kris, I have been teaching yoga and meditation workshops there for years. Every year, the interest grows and Lowlands tents are even fuller. Last year, we said to each other: there will be a time when things will change. Then, silence will at least be as important as sound and the inside will matter as much as the outside. Ergo: Inspire!”

Mada Özlem Ustaömeroğlu


I was working as an architect and I felt that I have to find more spirituality in my life to feel content.  Then I started to search for it. What happened???   I had different spiritual experiences which helped me a lot in my life, but Contentment was not happening. Now I believe that it is balance that is most important!  Science and spirituality has to have their own flow for the balance of my life.
I am working as an expressive art therapist now, bringing creativity sensation feelings and thoughts into psychological inside. Interaction between human beings in an informal way is the source of my professional curiosity.

Why Inspire?
My answer is derived from Martin Buber's  "Me-Thou” approach. I believe that experiencing from zero distance enables people to touch the essence of their existence. I trust the process, I trust creativity, I believe in change, surprise and good will. That’s why I am on my path.

Johan Noorloos


Johan Noorloos graduated in 1999 as a fully qualified drama teacher. In the following years, he examined several Eastern philosophies. Yoga and meditation especially brought him calm, insights and power. His experiences in many years of teaching workshops as well as group and private lessons resulted in the book How Yoga Can Change Your Life in early 2009. It contains a clear and well-ordered 21 day plan as well as experiences of many Dutch celebrities who took Johan’s classes. In 2011, Johan’s book Twelve Gurus, Thirteen Accidents was released, about his search for happiness. Some years ago, Johan founded, together with colleagues Marcel van de Vis and Anat Geiger, Amsterdam yoga studio Yogagarden. Together with Van de Vis, he also runs his own education institute.

Why Inspire ? 
“It has become my mission to apply the passion I feel in my work and the talents that I got out of life in such a way, that I don’t just live in my own potential, but hope to inspire others to do the same. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a new movement entitled Inspire. With, among others, the powerful instruments of yoga and meditation, which I have used gratefully for so long, I hope to contribute to a promising festival.”

Jacques Lewensztain


Jacques Lewensztain was born in 1946 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

He lived afterwards in Buenos Aires, Argentina until he was 18 years old. Then he traveled through different countries and also lived, studied  and worked in Israel, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, England, New Zealand and the USA. Currently lives permanently in the Netherlands.
In the early 60s he studied mathematics at the Technion in  Haifa and psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris. Later he studied psychology in further combination with human sciences and humanities at the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam where he graduated in 1985.

Since the late 60s he is a dedicated spiritual teacher.
His spiritual expertise and experience from this period of his life is described in the book "Yoga Art of Relaxation" which he wrote together with Kumara Malavika (Christine Klein) and Wolter Keers.

He works to this day as a management consultant and personal coach besides giving spiritual guidance.
He is presently driven to inspire others in how to deal with everyday life when operating from your true nature of being.

Quote of Jacques Lewensztain about himself:
“My Way” 
“The powerful boundless and unreserved love I received in Bolivia during my early childhood when I grew up among the native Quechuan people is still my most powerful source of inspiration. The more than 13 years of involvement with Jean Klein and Wolter Keers has also determined my perception of spirituality. These two very different, and for me very special men, were both in their unique way lovers of life. Their approach was occasionally extremely different.  This has helped me to walk my path to true nature of being in my own particular way. Many people inspired me, whom I leave further unnamed because ultimately their names are irrelevant as a measure of my understanding. Mid 60s my pressing question over "who am I" was answered by experience. How do you live your daily life when this question has ceased to exist?  This motivation induces me since the early 70's to devote myself to everyday life while abiding in my true nature."

Why Inspire ? 
“My drive to participate in Inspire is the conviction that acceptation, freedom and joy of life, not just control and abstinence, help you search for what you really are. The festival, for me, is the place to find different approaches. That’s how you find what suits you. You’ll be made to think, or enter silence. You might realize that lightness, playfulness, excitement and joy are part of your exploration.”



Sven Christiansen


Born in 1962 Copenhagen.
Atheistically raised.
Death of materialistic mindset in 1990 (28 yrs. of age: Traditional Saturn return decomposition -
according to esoteric teachings).
Introduction to existence of spiritual lifesphere.
Slow resurrection (still ongoing) from 1992.
Artistic endeavours through whole lifespan.
Much travelling, both Inner and Outer, East & West.
Study of Aboriginal cultures.
Educated as schoolteacher.
Educated as Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator.

Motto: The faster the world runs,
            The slower I go...
            Do I seem like dead ?
            You'll know where You're heading !

Why Inspire?
To me Inspire represents the pause between the in-breath & the out-breath.
In that vaccuum the mind is inactive, making possible a state of relaxation where true creativity emerges.

Inspire is the creation of a space in our lives - where others before us have stepped - that may give us glimpses, experiences, insights & tools for the realisation of our full potential in our everyday life.


Dorrit Toftekaer


Born 1953 in Denmark
Crisis at 15 - resulting in search for wisdom & peace of mind.
At 59 still a seeker (The Path is The Goal).
During the years inspired by:

Native Americans,
Christianity, etc...

Have been working as therapist for more than 35 yrs. My therapeutic style evolves through time along with my own process - as I believe a good therapist/psychologist should always work with him/herself. Have grown and produced flower remedies for over 15 yrs.

Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator
Somatic Experience Practitioner

To pass over with joy & happiness

Why Inspire?
From Latin Inspiro
derived from the word Spirit, meaning :
I breathe, "I inhale spirit".
To connect to Spirit.                                                                      
I hope "inspire" will inspire You
to "inhale Spirit" and invite Spirit
Into Your Life...                                           

Piet de Knegt


Something about me: Born on February 3, 1962 in Delft, the Netherlands. Got an university degree in business after graduating from high school. First job in 1988 as a civil servant for the Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn and Cultuur. Switched to public safety in 2003 and currently working as financial consultant for the security counsel.

Why Inspire?
I have always had a passion for playing guitar. Played air-guitar until the age of 15 and then started the real stuff. And that's exactly the reason for being part of Inspire: There is actually nothing that stops us from going to "pretending as if" to "doing as is".

Frederik van Alkemade


When Dick asked me in 2011 what my interest is with spirituality, I was mostly surprised. What a beautiful question within our sober rock mentality. But this is only an illusion, spirituality is everywhere, the more knowledge we have and share and where egos make place for plural, doing the right thing.

My personal interest lies in the synergy between science and spirituality. I’m fond of Yin and Yang and I keep in mind Niels Bohr’s words:  

`There are trivial truths and the great truths. The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false. The opposite of a great truth is also true.`

Why Inspire ? 

Every step to knowledge and a new world inspires me. Essential elements of the festival, for which I gladly and with much enjoyment work for.

Robin van der Eijk


24 year-old Robin’s first encounter with spirituality came during her work at Mojo Concerts, where she started as an intern for a different project and is now working as one of the organizers of the new Inspire Festival. Ze was studying at the Hoge Hotelschoool in The Hague and craved something different from hotel work, providing high service to guests and food & beverage. She started working at Mojo Concerts to get to know the world of organizing festivals, music and events. During her internship, she moved into a world that was completely different from what she was used to. All of a sudden, she was dealing with healings, readings, workshops, yoga and meditation; things she had never encountered before. It took some getting used to, but she was immersed in everything while organizing this new festival. Mostly, she finds it important that visitors have fun, relax, dance and go home filled with knowledge.

Why Inspire ? 
“Spirituality was vague to me. I’m not spiritually inclined and I didn’t have any interest in it. Whenever I heard the word, I saw images of beards and shabby clothes. My motivation for helping to organize this festival is to show people that it can be different. It doesn’t have to be vague but can be down to earth as well. Besides, the combination of music, spirituality, science, yoga, meditation, children, good food and drink is perfect. That’s what I want to show through this festival.”

Philippe Soeters


Inspire takes you away from the daily routine by informing you of a diversity of inspiring topics. Topics that provide insights in what life has to offer. Thus, in addition to meditation and yoga, there will also be music, food, art and science.

As a designer I would like to show that Inspire is not on the foreground, but that it brings out the strength within yourself, that Inspire represents a mixture of science and spirituality. Inspire is visual and puts the content at the centre of attention. I think it’s great to be able to work in a festival that not only entertains but also inspires!