Lilou Macé: Interviewed by Tijn Touber

Lilou Macé

Lilou Macé is a French-American author, webTV host , international Internet video blogger and the co-founder of an global Internet community, The 100-Day Reality Challenge. Born in California to French parents, she grew up in France and studied both there and in the US. She received a degree in European Business Studies, with a major in International Marketing and graduating with honours. After loosing her job as Internet Marketing Director in London, England, she released the self-published I Lost My Job And I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary Of A Dream Job Seeker. Lilou’s YouTube videos (over 2,000) document her participation in life, on her 12-month around the world Juicy Living Tour and the 100-Day Reality Challenge, as well as features world famous authors, speakers, artists and entrepreneurs that Lilou qualifies as 'Juicy'. 

Lilou Macé: Interviewed by Tijn Touber
After interviewing thousands of spiritual teachers, scientists and gurus, Lilou gets interviewed by Tijn Touber.

The Quantum Self In A Quantum World

Danah Zohar

The Quantum Self In A Quantum World
Danah Zohar introduces quantum physics as the new paradigm for our age. She will outline the main features of the quantum paradigm, discuss the nature of the "quantum self" and its relationship to spiritual intelligence, and suggest ways that we can make ours a quantum world.

The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way: The Basic Tools
Julia Cameron's work on creativity has reached millions of people worldwide. In this talk, she will share her own creative journey that led her to inventing the three Basic Tools of The Artist's Way, and the bedrock of a creative recovery in herself and her students. Just as breathing is part of our DNA and nothing we must invent, creativity is part of our spiritual DNA and nothing we must invent.

Wired for Love, Part I

Stan Tatkin

Wired for Love, Part I
How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship 
This presentation will introduce a radical new way to understand love relationships. Dr. Stan Tatkin will teach you how you can use your body and brain and your partner’s body and brain to create an enduring, satisfying, safe and secure love relationship. Based on current research in neuroscience and attachment, the tricks for getting relationships right will be at your fingertips!

Interview with Susan Wuttke

Susan Wuttke

Susan will be interviewed about her experiences and beliefs. As she puts it herself: “I want people to know that there is so much more to us than just a physical body, and also that there is a loving presence always available to us and it will not let us down. You don't have to be 'good' or 'doing it right' or 'worthy' or 'spiritual/religious' to dive or fall into this ocean of love. In my case I had experienced a trauma so devastating that I turned my back on God, cursed God, had decided if this was God's work, if God had allowed something like this to happen, then I wanted nothing to do with this so called God. And yet...”

I see ü / Creating` i to i ` Connections

Tim Freke

During his presentation, Tim will share his revolutionary 'paralogical' philosophy, lead a heart breath meditation and share simple ` i to i `  experiences, to help us see through the separateness to our essential oneness, so we feel the big love.


Close and Personal

Maneesha James

Maneesha James has a background in midwifery, general, and psychiatric nursing, is a qualified psychotherapist and has been a meditation facilitator for over 25 years. The guinea pig in the early seventies when Osho was designing his active methods, she has practiced the many of the techniques herself over the years. Chief editor and official chronicler of his work, she compiled Osho’s The Art of Living and Dying (due for release in June 2013) and has herself authored five books on various aspects of meditation. Maneesha has facilitated meditation workshops for everyday living and conscious dying all over the world and has five CDs of guided meditations to her name, among other works. 
At Inspire


Close and personal

An Interview with Maneesha James


Beyond Art and Spirituality

Etan Ilfeld

Beyond Art and Spirituality: How Ideas Cross Pollinate

Ilfeld's talk will explore how various creative disciplines have the power to cross-pollinate into new fields and inspire new forms of art and expression--including the creation of virtual realities, guerrilla art practices and GPS art. The second half of the talk will highlight the ways that art and spirituality can synthesize with technology and generate a more interconnected and self-aware global village.

God And The Big Bang

Daniel Matt

God And The Big Bang: Discovering Harmony Between Science And Spirituality 
Daniel Matt will present a lecture exploring the parallels between Kabbalah and contemporary cosmology. How does the mystical understanding of Creation compare with the modern theory of the origin of the universe? Is there a way to harmonize these two approaches - the scientific and the spiritual?

Meditation And The Brain: Neuro-Spirituality

Marty Wuttke

Meditation And The Brain: Neuro-Spirituality
According to esoteric teachings, the nervous system must undergo systematic refinement in order to process higher and more expanded states of consciousness.
In this lecture Martin Wuttke will discuss the paths, methods and practical ways we can integrate this knowledge into our lives and our spiritual practices and facilitate the transformative process.

The Women Mystics In The World Religions

Hana Matt

The Women Mystics In The World Religions
In her lecture, Hana Matt will explore the teachings and insights of Hildegard of Bingen, Mechtild of Magdeburg, Julian of Norwich, and St. Teresa of Ávila, (12-16th Centuries) and also let us learn from a few of the women mystics of Buddhism and Hinduism. She will focus on what we can learn from them to bring into our own lives: ways to deepen our own vibrancy, fullness, connection, and spirituality in daily living. The mystics show us how we can have the direct experience of God.

The Intelligence Of The Heart

Antonella Vannini

The Intelligence Of The Heart

Each one of us participates to two different levels of time: sequential time, the level of our rational life in which time flows from the past to the future in a succession of absolute moments, and unitary time, the level of emotional life, intuitions and creativity, in which there is coexistence of past, present and future. The heart guides our inner evolution through intuitions, inspirations and creativity and the incredible properties of the unitary time.

Changing Patterns

Antonella Vannini

Changing Patterns
The principle of complementarity has immediate practical applications on our wellbeing since it activates synchronicities, opportunities and change. But our old patterns provide meanings and are our vision of the world. To take full advantage of syntropy it is necessary to overcome our old patterns.

Time For A Change In Paradigm

Ulisse Di Corpo

Time For A Change In Paradigm
The backward-in-time solutions of the equations that combine Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics were rejected in the 1930s because they imply retrocausality which conflicts with the assumption that causes must always precede their effects. But, the properties of life coincide with the properties of the backward-in-time solutions (energy concentration, increase in complexity, growth of structures, organization and order) and it therefore seems necessary to extend the cause and effect assumption to a new paradigm according to which we are constantly interacting with past and future causes. The past is handled by reason, whereas the future by the heart. We constantly need to choose between past and future, between reason and heart.

Syntropy, Resonance And Complementarity

Ulisse Di Corpo

Syntropy, Resonance And Complementarity
The forward-in-time solutions are governed by the law of entropy which leads towards energy dissipation, death and crises, whereas the backward-in-time solutions are governed by the law of syntropy (from the Greek syn=converging and tropos=tendency) which leads towards energy concentration, life and wellbeing. Syntropy acts on the invisible plane of vital energies. It manifests as synchronicities and opportunities. The properties of “resonance” and of “complementarity” allow to act on this invisible plane.

Eight Limbs Of Yoga

Dorinda Farver

Eight Limbs Of Yoga
Ashtanga literally means eight limbs. You can look at the yoga process as the limbs (branches) of a tree that help the tree grow towards its full potential. You will learn that yoga is not just about the poses. The poses are only one of the eight limbs and without the other limbs, it’s just exercise. In this lecture Dorinda wants to give you some tools to apply these ancient rules to your daily life, your master class. We learn how all eight limbs of yoga are part of who you are and get clear instructions on how to find the right balance in life.

This lecture will be given in English.

The Women Mystics In The World Religions

Hana Matt

Presentation: The Women Mystics In The World Religions
In her presentation, Hana Matt will explore the teachings and insights of Hildegard of Bingen, Mechtild of Magdeburg, Julian of Norwich, and St. Teresa of Ávila, (12-16th Centuries) and also let us learn from a few of the women mystics of Buddhism and Hinduism. She will focus on what we can learn from them to bring into our own lives: ways to deepen our own vibrancy, fullness, connection, and spirituality in daily living. The mystics show us how we can have the direct experience of God.

Life Story Aqeela

Aqeela Sherrills

Life Story Aqeela
In this presentation Aqeela will share his life story.

Maneesha James interview

Maneesha James

Maneesha James (will be interviewed)

More information to be announced soon.

How Emotions and Cell Memory impact every aspect of life!

Brandon Bays


The Journey – How Emotions and Cell Memory impact every aspect of life!
Brandon Bays, founder of The Journey, bestselling author and Mind/Body Healing expert invites you to an inspirational introduction to The Journey and share her life’s work. Participate in a deep healing mediation and gentle process work. Be inspired to begin your journey of healing and awakening!

The Journey is cutting-edge transformation and healing work and is recognised worldwide as a uniquely potent tool for awakening and liberating the infinite human potential. It is a simple and powerful step by step process that has helped thousands of people around the world heal from physical and emotional issues, from debilitating illnesses and many of life’s challenges. It can open the door to joy, inner freedom, vibrant health, boundless potential and wholeness.
This unique healing technique was born out of Brandon Bays’ personal story of healing from a tumor in 6 ½ weeks, with no surgery or drugs. Using The Journey, ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing. The Journey is practical, user-friendly and down to earth – and it gets powerful and lasting results!

EkoPlaza Restaurant


Breakfast 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM - 14:00 PM
Dinner 17:30 PM - 22:00 PM

Food and Drinks from EkoPlaza
The Festival site has an EkoPlaza restaurant that will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We only work with EkoPlaza products. The focus lies on Italian and Indian cuisine because of their rich flavour and plenty of choices, including vegetarian. Tasting, enjoyment and laughter are the main ingredients. We will have Tastings in the Dark, because if you don’t see something, the taste is ever so much more surprising! Since the most beautiful conversations often occur at the table, EkoPlaza has chosen for table d’hotes: long tables where you can easily connect with other festival visitors and share ideas. Naturally, there will also be an ongoing organic coffee/tea bar with goodies and a beverage bar with organic beers, wine, juices and soft drinks. Together with EkoPlaza, caterer Fair Food Company will make sure that the restaurant is operated and furnished as sustainably as possible.

Allergy free foods
We also show consideration to allergy sufferers. This is somewhat tricky in the restaurant where the cutting board and knives may not come into contact with products that can cause any allergic reactions. Since this will be difficult to realize at such a large festival there will be a special section with gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free food. Even vegans will have enough choices here.

Alles Over Pi

Ionica Smeets

Alles Over Pi ('Everything About Pi')

Pi has been known for ages as the relationship between the contour of a circle and its diameter. But do we know everything about this mysterious constant? Is the Bible hidden in the decimals of Pi? And how do we catch Pi in numbers?

Breathing Toward Wholeness

Tav Sparks

Breathing Toward Wholeness: The Transformational Power Of Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful strategy that allows a journeyer to enter an expanded state of awareness and experience deep psychological and spiritual healing. Join Tav as he explores this exciting frontier: its foundations, how it works, and its value for individual seekers, psychology, and the frontier that combines personal growth with the universal urge to move toward wholeness.  




De Helende Reis Voor Kinderen

Yvonne Weeseman

De Helende Reis Voor Kinderen ('The Healing Journey For Children')
In her lecture Yvonne Weeseman will supply parents and professionals with handy advice. She will explain how kids can be helped processing old emotional baggage, making it possible for joy and vitality to further develop. Like a diamant, which radiates after you take the dust off!

De Oorzaken Van Chronische Klachten

Eric van Schijndel

De Oorzaken Van Chronische Klachten ('The Causes Of Chronic Illnesses')
In his presentation, Eric van Schijndel will explain how common chronic diseases can be treated successfully. During his presentation, he will define ten common chronic diseases, as well as their possible causes, he will talk about what people suffering from these diseases can do to cure themselves.  After that, he will explain how these problems can be solved so that patients can either improve or even be cured.


Goud In Handen

Pieter van den Hoogenband

Goud In Handen (‘Gold In The Pocket’)
Pieter describes the theme of his lecture as follows: “In search of the right answers, one has to ask the right questions.”

Het Inzicht

Johan Noorloos

Het Inzicht ('The Insight')
What do you really want? Wat do you really desire? How do you want to live? What’s stopping you? Johan Noorloos, yoga teacher and writer, helps you become aware of your authentic dreams and desires. In his inspiring multimedia presentation he will lead you to the silence in which they can be found. Through meditations and visualization exercises he will show the steps with which you can actually realize your dreams. On the way to your ultimate life. In doing so, he dares make himself vulnerable and use his own turbulent search for happiness as a guide. “For a big part of my life, I was searching for happiness. I was looking for recognition and confirmation. Or maybe, even more so, for inner peace. Sometimes I was placated by a guru of a philosophy for a while. But my inner turmoil kept coming back soon. That was until I was alone with myself. In the silence which ensued I didn’t find the emptiness I feared, but love for the things I am doing now. I invite you to come on a journey. An exploration. To help remind you who you are. And what you are able to do. To live your life fully.”


Het Licht Gezien

Marja Ruijterman

Het Licht Gezien (‘To Have Seen The Light’)
Marja has seen “the light” twice, which had a very positive and constructive effect on her life. She experienced that Love is so much more than “I love you” or “being in love”. During her talk, Marja will share her experiences and explain how you can connect with Love. Many of us are in love with the “wrong one”; someone who is not in love with you, or already married. So you wait, and suffer, and desire… But Love is within you. If you can feel it without projecting it on to someone else, you will be independent. Then, you will not wait for Love, but will pass it around because it is an endless source within you. Marja will show you how.

Het Ontwerpen Van Materialen Voor Een Betere Wereld

Akke Suiker

Het Ontwerpen Van Materialen Voor Een Betere Wereld (‘Designing Materials For A Better World’)
This lecture, with the aid of mathematic models, will contain an explanation of how constitutive material characteristics can be optimalized and adjusted for advanced technical applications. The approach to modelling considers a range of length scales and illustrates how these can be matched to use small scale material behaviour in computer simulations for large scale applications.

Hoop, Moed & Inspiratie

René van Collem

Hoop, Moed & Inspiratie ('Hope, Courage & Inspiration')
With his talk, Rene aims to offer hope, courage and inspiration for anyone who wants to break through negative thoughts and feelings, bad habits and wrong patterns in a way that is loving and universally, understandably spiritual. 


How Your Unconscious Mind Influences Your Behaviour

Leonard Mlodinow

The Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Influences Your Behaviour
From your preference in politicians to the amount you tip your waiter, all your judgments and perceptions reflect the workings of your mind on two levels: The conscious, of which we are aware, and the unconscious, which is hidden from us. As a result, we often misperceive our relationships with friends, family and business associates, misunderstanding the reasons for our personal feelings, investment decisions, and other important judgments. I will talk about the revolution in the scientific understanding of the unconscious that has occurred in the past decade and what it means for our lives.

Informatie: Een Fundamentele Bouwsteen Van De Werkelijkheid

Dick Meijer

Informatie: Een Fundamentele Bouwsteen Van De Werkelijkheid (‘Information: A Fundamental Building Block For The Fabric Of Reality’)
There are many good reasons to ask basic questions on the construction of reality. These questions do not only concern the structure of the world we live in and how we perceive it, but also the mysteries of how our Universe was born and how it will evolve in the far future. This article aims to highlight the prominent role of information in the manifestations of matter and discusses current materialistic paradigms, versus the concept that not matter, but information is primary in the evolution of our Universe.

The presentation will be presented in Dutch, however, Dick Meijer will use English translated presentation slides.

Madame de Berry interview

Berry Visser

Madame de Berry’s Theory of Almost...Everything!
(about time travel, souls, coincidence and serendipity, about life and death)

Interview with Madame de Berry, about the theory of almost…Everything!

Oefenen In De Kunst Van Het Geloven

Frans Vervooren

Oefenen in de kunst van het geloven: leven vorm laten geven in een omvormingsproces. Over Teresa van Jezus en Juan de la Cruz als levenskunstenaars (`Practising the art of believing: letting life get shaped in a process of transformation. About Teresa of Jezus and Juan de la Cruz as life artists`)
Teresa of Jezus and Juan de la Cruz are two Spanish mystics in the contemplative Carmel. In the lives and writings of these two ‘monuments’ in the history of spirituality there is Spanish passion in abundance. Throughout the world, there is admiration for this and their spiritual pedagogy invites one to follow the path (camino) to the encounter with the Secret of Life. The modern person considers himself to be a traveller and ‘pilgrim’, but where does the pilgrimage lead? A few metaphores from the works of these two mystics (castle, camino, butterfly, source, night, flame) can be of assistance with the exploration of a personal journey.

Nadenken Over Oneindig

Ionica Smeets

Nadenken Over Oneindig ('Thinking About Infinity')
One infinity is larger than another. How does one prove that? And what role does infinity play in our daily lives? Warning: thinking about infinity can lead to madness…

Onsterfelijkheid: Mythe Of Wordende Werkelijkheid?

Dick Meijer

Onsterfelijkheid: Mythe Of Wordende Werkelijkheid? (‘Immortality: Myth Or Becoming Reality?’)
Does mankind have real perspectives on “immortality” and if so, what are the appropriate boundary conditions to make this come true in the coming ages? How will the future on our precious planet evolve with regard to life span and the quality of life of its inhabitants? And how dominant will biomedical technology be in further pushing the limits of longevity? Man is a symbol and metaphor creating a being who apprehends the world through his imaginary power. The desire to give a place to an “inevitable “individual death, has led mankind to many powerful immortality symbols, of which some of the most important ones will be discussed.

This presentation will be presented in Dutch, however, Dick Meijer will use English translated presentation slides.

Talk: Individual, Social And Global Coherence

Wim Gijzen

Talk: Individual, Social And Global Coherence
In this lecture we reflect on the mission, new insights and initiatives of the HeartMath Institute. A non-profit world leader in the field of research into emotional physiology, heart-brain interaction and the physiology of optimal health and achievements. We are at the global crossroads of a new era. A paradigm shift to a higher human and collective consciousness is ongoing. Many of us feel a huge desire to change the world, together, in a positive way. We are looking for ways to apply our inner wisdom constructively. The Global Coherence Initiative that HeartMath started in 2008 can help with this.

Wereldvrede Is Onontkoombaar

Theo Tromp

Wereldvrede Is Onontkoombaar (‘World Peace Is Unavoidable’)
In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles’ guru, said during a lecture that he would provide peace for the individual and the world. What has happened to his TM movement since then? Through an explanation of the concept of transcendence, historical events in the world, varied scientific publications and projects on which the Transcendent Meditation movement is working, Theo tromp concludes that world peace is doable and unavoidable.


Susan Smit

Sterrenstof ('Stardust')

Susan will be giving a presentation titled Sterrenstof (‘Stardust’), also the name of her latest book. Known for her playful and personal approach to spirituality in daily life, Susan has her feet firmly in modern life and her head in a cloud of ponderings. During Sterrenstof, she will make short work of ‘mandatory’ positive thinking and the raving about calender wisdom. Full of self-mockery and allergic to vagueness and hazy language, she will pierce the comtemporary spititual myths and dig deeper for ingrained considerations. According to Smit, we will not reach awareness by detaching ourselves from the world and rising from our body and feelings, but should live life to the fullest; make mistakes, get up and acquire new insights. 

Meister Eckhart: Leraar Van ‘Leven Zonder Waarom’

Frans Vervooren

Meister Eckhart: Leraar Van ‘Leven Zonder Waarom’ (`Meister Eckhart: Teacher Of ‘Living Without Why’`) 
The work Meister Eckhart, a preacher from the Middle Ages, left behind, is not easy. And yet he is still quoted often, as if he were a modern thinker. His philosophy about God contains wisdom of life that apparently still appeals in our virtual era. For almost everyone, the big ‘why?’ questions remain a mystery that is impossible to solve (why live? Why suffer? Why are we here?). The original way in which Eckhart deals with the question ’why?’, summarized in ‘living without why’, can be a source of new inspiration.


Eric van Schijndel, Francis Koopmans, Frank Krijgsman, Wim Gijzen

Both Z score neurofeedback ( and neurofield ( are very effective methods to help people, in all capacities, function in a flexible and healthy way. Following these training programs results into a calmer mental state, clear thinking and a more joyous outlook on yourself and life, causing a higher internal and external energy, functioning better at school or work. The effects are also clear in, for example, a deeper and more effective sleep, a better self image, all-round motoric functioning and better communication. At Inspire, Francis Koopmans and Frank Krijgsman will present both systems.

Also, you will be be able to make a short individual exploration with biofeedback on your heart rhythm variation. What does it mean to you to look into a 'mirror' that shows your internal (in)coherent physiology?

To be announced