Shamanic Ceremonies: New Moon

Jordi Lopez

New Moon Ceremonies
We meditate on the full moon as Mother of Creation; in the new moon we honor Her in Her Maiden aspect. The new moon is a time of regeneration, renewal, creativity, hope, new beginnings, new projects, new relationships, rebirth and liberation. The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our ideas and our desires. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars.

Satsang Live Music Meditation

Prem Joshua

Satsang Live Music Meditation
This is a one-hour meditation of improvised music with intervals of meditative silence - which in India is considered the highest form of music. The participants sit in meditation with eyes closed, at a certain point during this hour they are guided to join the music with their own voice. This live music meditation also works perfectly in combination with yoga classes as a "bhakti workshop". 

Ambisonic Surround Sound

Ambisonic Surround Sound

Ambisonic Surround Sound  
“Ambisonics” is an emerging 3D audio technology. It works differently than other audio playback system in such that all the speakers work together to create an immersive sound-field, rather than sending individual channels of sound to each speaker. The result is a holophonic surround sound experiences where sound can be perceived  from any or all directions surrounding the listener, even between, where no actual speaker is present.

One key advantage of using an Ambisonic surround sound for health and wellness applications is the role of active listening vs. passive hearing. The ability to separate and move sound while simultaneously creating an immersive field of sound around the listener stimulates both passive and active listening in a unique way. In addition, Ambisonic audio delivers a far more organic and natural listening experience by satisfying the mechanisms used by the ear and brain to perceive sound in 3D space.  

Stop Dance

Prem Joshua

Stop Dance is a one-hour dance meditation, with improvised high energy music. The participants are guided to dance - allowing themselves to drown and let go into the music and rhythm. The dancer loses himself in the dance  - but with random shouts of STOP! during the dance stage. With the sudden STOP! the music halts, there is complete silence and the dancer freezes in whatever movement and position he is in - allowing all the energy that is built up during the dance to travel inwards. Again the music starts...

Guru Chair: Own Experience

Guru Chair: Own Experience

Be your own guru and take a seat on the Guru Chair...

Silent Concert

Tijn Touber, Kris Touber

Together with his partner Kris, Tijn Touber will organize a Silent Concert: a soundbath of songs and sounds that naturally lead you to the silence within yourself. Playfully, you will return to your own essence. You will experience the natural flow of life and be susceptible to insight and inspiration. All you have to do during the concert is sit back, close your eyes and let yourself be taken along.

Happiness Is ‘Serious’ Business

Ram Giri

The Art and Science of Being Loved
This workshop is designed to bring clarity to the bewildering pursuit of enlightened happiness. Ram Giri will offer a map for spiritual life that explains the challenges we face and their remedies in a new way.

Spiritually Intelligent Motivations to Live by

Danah Zohar

Spiritually Intelligent Motivations to Live by
In this worksop Danah presents an outline of the twelve transformational principles of spiritual intelligence, explains their quantum origins, and suggests to participants how, by living these principles, they can become quantum selves.


Using your Spiritual Intelligence to Become a Quantum Self

Danah Zohar, Robin De Waal

Using your Spiritual Intelligence to Become a Quantum Self (with Robin de Waal)
This workshop, combining Danah’s teaching with Robin's accompanying music, will give participants the opportunity to experience the negative motivations of fear, craving, anger, and self-assertion that may be driving them now, and then replace these with the positive motivations of exploration, co-operation, mastery, creativity and service.

The Wisdom Of The Kabbalah

Daniel Matt

The Wisdom of the Kabbalah: Ancient Teachings And Contemporary Spirituality
Dr. Matt will introduce us to the Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical tradition), exploring how this ancient tradition reimagines God and how it can enrich our lives. Themes include: God as Infinity, the feminine half of God, God’s need for the human being, the mystical meaning of the Bible, and discovering divine sparks in the material world.

On Creativity

Julia Cameron

On Creativity
Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God” - Julia Cameron.
In her workshop, Julia will dedicate herself to helping you identify and unravel old and unworkable ideas that block your creative spirit. Is it time to stop telling yourself it’s too late? Is it time to stop waiting until you make enough money to do something you love? Is it time to stop thinking it's just your ego whenever you yearn for a more fulfilling life? Do you yearn for creative adventure? Are you hungry for a deeper and fuller life? Do you wish you could find a more authentic 'you'? Join Julia Cameron for an intensive trek through your creative kingdom. Tools will include Morning Pages and Artist Dates, and the weekend itself will be a mix of lecture, Q&A, and experiential work in small groups. Expect this course to jump-start your creative process, refresh your own thinking around creativity, and introduce you to a creative community.

Doing Dying Differently

Maneesha James

In this workshop, Maneesha James will explore the notion of actively preparing for dying, why we should want to be present to our own demise, and the gift of being able to support others through the same process.
As the mystic Osho points out, once we are born the only certainty we can count on in life is that we are going to die. Yet that reality is so feared that most of us tend to avoid even acknowledging it. Along with introducing participants to several related meditative techniques, Maneesha will also respond to questions from the audience.

Wired for Love, Part II

Stan Tatkin

Wired for Love, Part II
How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship
Part 2 of Wired For Love is a workshop aimed at couples. Dr. Tatkin will guide participants through a variety of exercises from his book of the same name. Couples and individuals will put into practice some of the principles covered in part 1 and will be given take-home tools to use in daily life. Come, learn, and have fun using methods that work ( Dr Tatkin advices to attend to his talk to benefit most from this workshop).

I see ü / creating `i to i` connections

Tim Freke

In his workshop, Tim will share his revolutionary 'paralogical' philosophy and transformative 'i to i experiences' to guide us directly to a 'deep awake' state, so we can see through the separateness to our essential oneness and feel the big love.

Everything You Wanted To Know...

Maneesha James, Sudheer P. Niet

... About Meditation But Were Afraid To Ask! (with Sudheer P. Niet)

In this experientially based workshop, Maneesha and Sudheer will introduce some meditative methods for the time-challenged and respond to questions about any aspect of meditation. These may include queries about your own personal practice,  such as how to choose a method that’s right for you, how to know it is working, and when to drop it, as well as the relevance of the traditional, passive approach for contemporary men and women.

Satsang with Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman

Satsang with Alan Chapman

Come and sit with Alan as he guides you from the delusion of ignorance into direct recognition of your unconditional nature. Alan will then open up a dialogue where he is open to answering any question you may have about awakening, from a general orientation to what might be happening in your own personal journey.

Gift In The Wounds

Aqeela Sherrills

Gift In The Wounds
In his workshop, Aqeela will share a conceptual framework for the Reverence Movement, which he believes to be the next major peace movement, a personal tragedy that has deepened his understanding of the reverence impulse. Finally, he will extend an invitation for you to join the reverence movement in the form of a challenge.



The Journey

Brandon Bays


The Journey

Brandon Bays, founder of The Journey, bestselling author and mind-body healing expert, invites you to an inspirational workshop, where she will share her life’s work. Participate in a deep healing meditation and gentle process work. Be inspired to begin your journey of healing and awakening!


Movie Yoga: How Every Film Can Change Your Life

Tav Sparks

Movie Yoga: How Every Film Can Change Your Life

Movies are a spiritual technology. Their real power lies in our ability to identify with every human passion, longing, defeat, and triumph that we see enacted on screen.

We can be more than entertained. We can be transformed. Join Tav for a magical, exciting journey into the world of movies where we can see, hear, and feel with new senses how this hidden power in film can be a life-changing adventure. 


Satsang: The Path Of The Heart ...

Ram Giri

... And The Veils of the Mind 
In this satsang, he will guide us in a HeartSourcing meditation, to awaken love by removing fear. This is the way of being the lover and the beloved in one. In this compassionate space, you are invited to ask any question that will help you release your particular obstructions.

Shamanic Fire Ceremonies

Jordi Lopez

Shamanic Fire Ceremonies

For Releasing, Cleansing, And Balancing

Shamans perform fire ceremonies for releasing, cleansing and balancing. Fire ceremonies are essential to purifying the body, spirit and heart, and can be used for healing and creating fruition in our lives.

The fire is an ideal place to re-connect to your Oneness with the Universe. By honoring Pachamama (Mother Earth), Great Spirit, the Angelic light Being, and those who came before us and will come after us, you will re-orient yourself as to your true place in the Universe.

We bring an offering to the fire as a gift. It is something that is made from nature that is burnable - a stick, flower, pinecone, etc. Spend some time with the item, and with your intention, blow into the offering whatever you want to release, heal, or bring into your life. When you approach the fire, say a prayer of gratitude and make your offering.

Through a fire ceremony, energy bound in old ways can be freed to move in a new direction. We symbolically release something that no longer serves a useful purpose, and claim the energy we invest in that old behavior pattern for a new purpose.

Live Zen

Sudheer P. Niet

Live Zen
To be announced

Heal, Enlighten And Change Our Brains

Marty Wuttke

Heal, Enlighten And Change Our Brains: Neurofeedback
Wuttke likes to say our brain tends to follow certain “scripts”, patterns of thoughts, emotions and behavior, that take us to the same place over and over, wreaking havoc in our daily life. Brain wave neurofeedback forges new pathways in the brain and helps us devise new scripts so we can be happier and feel more fulfilled as human beings upon this earth. Attendees will leave with the understanding that there are tools available to heal and optimize their brain.

The 18 Proven Ways To Joy

Hana Matt

...from Modern Medical Science And Recent Scientific Research Studies, And From The World Religions
In this class, we will learn and take away very practical tools for being able to lead a daily life of joy and profound well-being. We will go into each of the 18 methods for coming to radiant joy, which have been proven in thousands of scientific studies, neuroscience, and which are also some of the teachings and practices of the worlds’ spiritual traditions.

How to bring more joy and happiness into your daily life?

Hana Matt

Workshop: How to bring more joy and happiness into your daily life?
In this class, we will learn and take away very practical tools for being able to lead a daily life of joy and profound well-being. We will go into each of the 18 methods for coming to radiant joy, which have been proven in thousands of scientific studies, neuroscience, and which are also some of the teachings and practices of the worlds’ spiritual traditions.

Satsang Live Music Meditation

Prem Joshua

Satsang is een uurlange meditatie op geïmproviseerde muziek met perioden van meditatieve stilte – dat in India wordt beschouwd als de hoogste vorm van muziek. De deelnemers mediteren met hun ogen dicht, en worden op een zeker moment tijdens de workshop gevraagd de muziek te versterken met hun eigen stem. Deze live muziekmeditatie werkt ook perfect in combinatie met yogalessen als een 'bhakti workshop'.

Beginnersworkshop meditatie

Mark Teijgeler

Beginnersworkshop Meditatie ('Beginners Workshop in Meditation')
When you want to learn how to relax, deal with stress of enlarge your concentration abilities, meditation can make a difference. In this workshop, you can learn what exactly meditation is, how it’s done and you can meditate at home. We will practice several different techniques and poses to allow you to find the best fitted form of meditation for you, personally.

Children's Yoga

Brenda Zuydwijk

In this workshop, children will participate in relaxing exercises, warming up, playful yoga exercises, breathing and meditation exercises, affirmative exercises (repeating of positive sayings), massage, visualization and will end with creating a drawing.

De Goeroe in jezelf

Marja Ruijterman

De Goeroe In Jezelf (‘The Guru Within Yourself’)
During this workshop, we will search for the gurus in our lives. Which might surprise you, as there are many gurus around us, more “common place” than Krisnamurti or Osho. Who are they and how can we recognize them? But more importantly: what can we do with them? In this workshop, we will search for the guru in ourself, as we are wiser than we think. Everyone will get the opportunity to experience themselves as a guru, in the guru chair. The goal, of course, is to learn that you can always, at any given moment, call up the wise person in yourself. Which is more simple than you think!

De Omarming Van Het Compassievolle Hart

Juno Burger

De Omarming Van Het Compassievolle Hart (‘Embracing The Compassionate Heart’)

Contrary to the mind, which takes everything personally and wants to fix things, your heart has the unique power to experience life the way it is in the moment and let it be complete at the same time. This is embracing the compassionate heart; without fear, judgement or denial, life is literally and figuratively encompassed. By being ‘on’ and experiencing life, you will create a change which will lead to freedom!

De Stille Kracht Van Gedachten

Marja Ruijterman

De Stille Kracht Van Gedachten (‘The Silent Power Of Thoughts’)
Our brain is full of negative thoughts. Space which you could use more efficiently and comfortably. We are all able to create rest in our mind. That way, we can enjoy life more and make better choices. We get a clearer overview and a healthier feeling of self worth, which in turn causes us to feel more equal to others and create a sense of calm, consent and relaxedness. Changing our mindset is not as difficult as we often think. In this workshop, Marja explains how you can do it. And puts it into practice right away, so that you experience the effects yourself.  

Healing & Readings

Margaretha de Vries

Healings & Readings By Margaretha de Vries
Due to a fall at a young age, Margaretha’s sight is very limited. Because of that, her other senses are overdeveloped. You could say spirituality has become second nature to her



Heart to Heart

Rob Brandsma

The key to mindfulness communication

This workshop will be mainly about gaining insight in our automatic patterns during communication. Particularly whenever we are in conversation, mindfulness seems to just escape our mouths. In small groups we will practise giving attention consciously while we talk and listen, and where the body will be involved as a source of grounding.

Heart coherence HeartMath Biofeedback

Wim Gijzen

Workshop: Hartcoherentie HeartMath Biofeedback ('Heart coherence HeartMath Biofeedback')
Research your influence on Heart coherence. You will use HeartMath biofeedback software in duos. You will clip a sensor to your earlobe and your heart rhythm variantion (HRV) will show on a laptop screen. It is possible to consciously influence the heart rhythm, causing a harmonious (coherent) variation to appear. You will learn an effective attention technique with which you are better able to listen to your heart, ward off stress and deal with high (work) pressure, big responsibility and difficult situations.

Intuïtieve Workshop

Margaretha de Vries

Intuitive workshop
To be announced

Meditatie en Flow

Mark Teijgeler

Meditatie en Flow ('Meditation And Flow')
The word ‘flow’ means: the ultimate state of experience. Experiencing flow goes together with the ultimate state of concentration and is about the fully functioning individual, who is fully aware of what he does and in that, brings the best in himself forward. In the workshop, we will explore how we can connect meditation and experiencing the flow state. With some practical exercises, you will learn how you can function from flow easier in both meditation exercises and daily life.

Moments of Insight, Moments of Freedom

Rob Brandsma

Introduction to the Liberating Power of Mindfulness Practice
This workshop discusses the basic principles of mindfulness and vipassana meditation: insight, the possibility to make conscious choice (and thus freedom) comes freely as soon as you take the time to stop ‘doing’ and start looking inwards. Then you will see how your attention is inclined to identify itself with wild thoughts and how those thoughts seem to become reality. However, at the same time you notice this, you will also become aware of the entire process, the identification is let go. There is freedom. During the introduction it will become clear that this is the essence of the message of the Buddha.
We will practice this by means of guided breathing meditation where the experiences of the participants will be indicated in this way.


Tim van der Vliet


Tim will be performing his "Ohm song". A song in Dutch about his Oooooom.

Onze Relatie, Echte Liefde

Margaretha de Vries, René van Collem

Onze Relatie, Echte Liefde (‘Our Relationship, True Love’)

Margaretha de Vries and René van Collem have been together for five years and happily married for almost one. In that relatively short period, in which they experienced true love, real passion and the happiest moments in their lives, they also knew some hard times and lived through them. With this workshop, they want to inspire other couples to achieve more harmony, acceptance and true love.

Parent-Child Yoga And Massage

Brenda Zuydwijk

In this workshop, parents and children will participate in relaxing exercises, warming ups, yoga partner exercises, make a collective drawing with the group and give each other massages. The workshop will end with a relaxing visualization.

Shifting Perception – Satsang

Hans Laurentius

Shifting Perception – Satsang with Hans Laurentius 
The emphasis during this satsang will be on shifting perception from identification to pure awareness. It is possible to learn how to shift from conditioned responses to an open state from which one can meet emotions and convictions instead of avoiding, denying or fighting them. Questions may be put, the answers will not be just theoretical, but practical and aimed towards experience rather than philosophy. Change in attitude towards convictions and emotional energy can create a radical change in your outlook on life in all its aspects. Consciousness never fights or denies anything, it just experiences it completely. You are consciousness, and you are only conditioned to avoid, fight or deny what is. This conditioning can be removed or dissolved. Want to see and feel how? Be welcome! 

Spoedcursus Verlichting

Tijn Touber

Spoedcursus Verlichting ('A Crash Course in Enlightenment')
...doesn’t that sound like a contradiction? It’s possible. By way of insights, meditations and exercises you are led back to your origin of freedom and enlightenment. You can learn how to live aware, creatively and in flow under all circumstances.


Tai Chi & Lu Jung (power Tai Chi)

Han Thorig

A flowing form of movement which revolves around physical and mental balance. Dynamic, accessible and ready to go. With these workshops you start the day bright and relaxed. Playful and in his own way, Han offers another form of Tai Chi, every day of the weekend. A good investment in yourself because it continues to work throughout the day.
Also known from the Lowlands festival.

Tango like Tantra

Han Thorig,

...together with Femke, both of Body2Chill

Play, meet and inspire each other with the most passionate dance in the world!
Whether you’re a dancer or not; with the Argentine Tango workshop it is not only about the dance steps.
In an easily accessible way, Femke and Han demonstrate what it is all about: playing the game, the improvisation and the encounter.
You can come alone or with a partner: there will be role changes and rotations.

Together with your opponent of the moment you inspire each other, making each encounter special and unique.
Discover how, without words, you can follow, lead and anticipate.
To achieve this, we will make use of the principles of Tantra for tuning and Tai Chi for balancing.
Be inspired, open your heart and show what moves you!

The Paperclip Paradigm Shift

Robin De Waal

The Paperclip Paradigm Shift
Experiencing the effect of paradigms in a playful, simple and therefore powerful way, and trying to release yourself of them (based on the work of Danah Zohar). Robin de Waal teaches a workshop for both adults and children, in which he will show how we get less open-minded as we get older. Children are very welcome, to help their parents with the exercises!

Visualisatie Reis

Willemijn Bessem

Visualisatie Reis ('Visualisation Journey')

During the workshop Willemijn will guide participants into a visualisation journey. First, she will bring you to a place of deep silence, from where she will gently take you on a journey into different beautiful landscapes. Within this visualisation you could meet with beloved friends or family that passed away and receive some messages or insights about your daily affairs. After this meditation there is the opportunity to translate your inspiration and subtle perceptions into clear and practical understandings. Willemijn will also share her personal experiences about how she became aware of the unseen world and how communication between different levels and spirits is possible. You might find understanding and maybe some recognition in her story and she will give suggestions how to deal with your own intuition and healing talents. By sharing these experiences you might find that your limiting thought patterns or fears about these subjects can dissolve, whereby you can make a deeper contact with your own inner source of wisdom and peace.

Voorbij Het Kampvuur

Piet de Knegt

Voorbij Het Kampvuur ('Beyond the Campfire')
This workshop is about a new style of playing the guitar. In this new style, the left hand (or the right hand for left-handed people) is limited in its possibilities. Strangely enough, this limitation opens us up to new possibilities.
The "less is more" idea is very much applicable to this new style. You could say it's Feng Shui for guitar-players...

Wie ben ik, écht?

Jacques Lewensztain

Wie ben ik, écht? ('Who am I, really?')

A talk in the question-answer style of Jnana Yoga: On the art of relaxation and how to disclose your true nature of being.
Starting with an introduction and then continuing in the traditional question-and-answer style with you asking questions that matter to you. Get answers to deep or uncommon questions you maybe don't dare to ask, such as: Who am I, really? Where did space begin? How can I really relax? Why should I appreciate insecurity?.

Awakening Your Divine Feminine With Mystic Belly Dance

Monika Nataraj

Awakening Your Divine Feminine With Mystic Belly Dance
Dance expression is an ancient art and through conscious movement and invocation, you can awaken the Divine feminine within. Belly dance is a language of sacred symbols and a dynamic method to experience the energies of the Universe. The approach to this celebratory workshop is unique and holistic – from the secrets of energy work, to the role of dance in feminine rites of passage, to finding unity in a women’s dance circle. In just 90 minutes you will feel rekindled and inspired! No previous dance training is required. Please dress in comfortable clothes. We will adorn you with sparkly surprises. A hip scarf is helpful.

De Wildeman: Van Jongen Naar Man

Ton van der Kroon

De Wildeman: Van Jongen Naar Man ('The Savage: From Boy To Man')
To be a man… what does that actually mean? In ancient cultures, boys were initiated from puberty by shamans of their tribe, to take up their role as an adult male in the community. With it, they received a new name and knew by having visions what their task in life was. In this era, these things are more complicated: what is your destiny in a world where everything is possible?

To be announced