Yin Yoga

Daphne Luttger

Yin Yoga
Daphne’s Yin yoga class, in English, is focused on letting go and submission. Yin yoga is a confrontation with the deeper layers within yourself. Yin, contrary to Yang, is not a dynamic form of yoga. The ultimate Yin yoga experience: by being challenged physically, emotionally and mentally and learning to let go, you can get to complete submission in the moment.

Outside is Within

Jacques Lewensztain, Sara Lewensztain

Outside is Within. Getting Acquainted With Jnana Yoga (With Sara Lewensztain)

Jnana yoga, Jacques
On keys, Sara

Let your senses be. Experience reality as it comes. The full intensity of life in open awareness.
Practice yoga from a startling perspective: experience all as it rather than experiencing what you expect or wanting to change or control it.
A soft impressive discovery with feeling, hearing and body.
*A beginners class: Come too if you are advanced but ready for a quiet and refreshing approach.*

Yoga by Rituals


Our sponsor Rituals will organise their own yoga workshop. More information will follow.

Ashtanga Yoga (modified Primary Series)

Dorinda Farver

Ashtanga Yoga (modified Primary Series)
Dorinda will take a modified flow tour through the Ashtanga primary series; a series of postures (asanas) popularized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This is an energetic, physically challenging practice that flows with the breath to help us break through energy blockages in the body and assists energy to flow. It’s a process that produces intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is an improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

This workshop will be given in English.

Which Yoga Should I Follow?

A condensed introduction
The roots of yoga lie in India’s Hinduism. The beauty of Hinduism is its tolerance. It's an extreme combination of freedom of expression and complete restraint. Every believer is free to find its own balance between freedom and restraint, that what fits the best for him. So is the approach to Yoga. This explains why there are so many streams and schools. The question for you is: which fits the best with me?

Yoga teachers, schools and styles have different combination of approaches, accents, paces and pauses.

1- Approach

Approaches are either mainly based on control and mastering of the senses or based on exactly the opposite: on non-intervention, freeing of the senses and mastering through acceptance of what is as it is.

2- Accent
When its accent lies on bodywork it's called Hatha Yoga, when the accent is mainly intellectual it's called Jnana Yoga, from the heart Bhakti Yoga, based on deeds and its effect Karma Yoga, its accent on energy and breath Pranayama Yoga, on movement of energy Kundalini Yoga and on sound and its effect Mantra Yoga.

3- Pace

Paces go from staying for a long period of time in the same pose through slow movement to fast movement and even to very fast movement depending on the yoga type.

4- Pause

Pauses take place in between the poses, or after a series of poses, and are short or longer depending on the teacher, school or style.
Pauses in between the poses are designed to create more time to better experience the effect of the poses or as a meditative moment.
Not every yoga type uses pauses extensively. Some are used to do series of poses without any break in between.

And? Which one to follow?
As you can see there are a lot of possibilities.
Soon you will find a list here with possible choices between the different approaches in yoga. Choices between working on your physical health or focusing on your mental health. And within these choices there may be yoga classes with a more therapeutical background or those that are purely focused on spirituality. 

Critical Alignment Yoga

Paul Braaksma

An experience and class aimed at body consciousness and linked with yoga exercises. Participants will receive information about CA yoga and about the contents of the class. After that, the focus will be placed on direct body experience, which will lead to a conscious way of moving during yoga exercises. The class will end with a silencing of mind and body in Savasana.

Masterclass: The Gist Of Jnana Yoga

Jacques Lewensztain

The Art Of Relaxation, Or Jnana Yoga
In the last decades, yoga has increasingly become a hype. More and more styles and schools have appeared. But what is yoga if you take it back to its roots?
Back to basics; without strange names or poses? A simple but powerful way of discovery of your true nature of being.
Masterclass on the art of relaxation; a more advanced level. Of course you can also try it, if you are a fearless beginner!



Maaike Chavanu

We want to do daily yoga, but what do you do? Often, we don’t know. Just like taking vitamin capsules for our health, there is a yoga series we can do every day: the five capsules of Swami Niranjanananda (Satyananda Yoga), asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra, mantras and yoga-through-the-day. A good way to start the day! The capsules will be handed out on paper after the lesson.

Hatha Yoga

Jan Kuiper

Hatha Yoga
This class will have the following elements: meditation, warming up, vinyasa, asana (pose) and savasana (final relaxation). In Jan’s classes, there is room for laughter, although hard work is sometimes required. Jan makes sure that every yoga session contains both Yin as Yang asanas.

Iyengar Yoga

Annemieke Post

More information to be announced.

Kundalini Yoga

Wessel Wallert

Kundalini Yoga
Take this opportunity to reconnect with your infinite energy and to break through mental and emotional limitations of the ego-self. We invite you to this powerful workshop and to get inspired by the beauty of the creation reflected by your own higher consciousness. Come, enjoy and let’s share a wonderful experience. This workshop is open to all levels of practice and abilities.

Pranayama Yoga

Jan Kuiper

Pranayama Yoga
During this worjshop, the body will be warmed up extensively by a series of different poses, among which the Sun salutation. We will focus on the three major elements of breathing: in, out and holding your breath. Besides that, we will demonstrate different breathing techniques to revive Kundalini, or vitality and lead it through our bodies. Churning and lifting the stomach will also be demonstrated. It is recommended not to eat too much before this class.

Qigong, de ‘Yoga uit China’

Patricia van Walstijn

Qigong, ‘Yoga from China’
During an inspiring workshop, Patricia van Walstijn will let you get a feel for Qigong, the ‘Yoga of China’. She will teach you activating and relaxing exercises in which the direct experience of vitality and inner rest are the focal point. In a short explanation, she will connect the Chinese view on energy to our daily life in Europe. Inspiring and relaxing! We will do a Chinese warming up, the activating ‘Partner Squat’ and the relaxing ‘Sway La Qi’ exercise.

Satyananda Yoga

Maaike Chavanu

Pawanmuktasanas workshop/lesson
A series of asanas containing three parts: loosening the joints, asanas for the intestines and back and also a series of exercises to generate/stimulate (shakti) energy. Physically strenuous, relaxing and meditative at the same time. Absolutely worth experiencing! Pawanmuktasanas are one of the showpieces of Satyananda Yoga.

Slow Flow Stress Relief Yoga Workshop

Myrna van Kemenade

Slow Flow Stress Relief Yoga Workshop

In this deeply relaxing and detoxifying session you will completely settle down mentally, physically and emotionally. The calm poses, breathing and focus on meditation will give you the tools to find rest at any desired time in daily life. Take off your watch, switch off your cell phone and pretend you are in the timeless zone. You only have to ‘be’…


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Johan Noorloos

In this vinyasa flow class for beginners, much attention will be given to techniques of the poses, and time will be taken to teach poses correctly. Johan Noorloos will bring you in a state of concentration and meditation by way of a powerful flow. Dynamic movements are merged with controlled breathing. Techniques from different styles will be handled in this freestyle vinyasa class.

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