Chocolate Club

Chocolate Club

During the day, come to the Chocolate Lounge and enjoy our specialty, the Chocolate elixir, while we provide music, a nice place to explore your inner self and a chance to be introduced to Superfoods in different ways. 

Power flower, long live the sun (7+)

Wouter Widdershoven

Make your own sun mill. Work with a small engine on solar energy and experiment with mixing colours through movement. Play with the power of the sun. Put your mill in the field with other mills and see them come to life when the sun starts shining. After the festival you may keep your sun mill.

Bambuild with us! (6+)

Eveline Wawoe

Who likes building huts? Eveline and Mario have many, many bamboo sticks and dream of building a beautiful big bamboo structure at Inspire. Young and old people are invited to help build one or several big ones.

Butterflies & Bats (4+)

Nicole van den Kroonenberg

Would you like to have wings? Fly and float, everywhere you want to go? Butterflies and bats can! Come and make special butterflies and bats with sticky tape. Roll up lots of sticky tape until a body appears, long and thin or small and thick. Then the legs, a head with feelers and of course wings, so that the butterfly or bat can fly away. A whole swarm…

Landscape Lumen

Julian van Buul, Vincent Vriens

When the sun sets, the landscape comes to life.
Landscape lumen is an audiovisual installation, whereby several beamers are used to transform an existing landscape into a visual spectacle. Immerse yourself in this surreal dreamworld. Old locations get a new meaning; stories are told with and from the landscape.


Beer van Geer, Jarno Burger

Visitors are invited into the dome to interact with light and sound through the feedback from their own body. Because the installation makes it possible to project in a corner of 360 degrees, you are immersed in the visual experience of your own breathing and heartbeat. The biodome is an exciting combination of art, science and technique.

The Dream Tree (4+)

Nicole van den Kroonenberg

Everyone has wishes, (secret) dreams and desires… What is your dream or wish? At our dream tree, you can leave all your dreams, wishes and desires. Write, draw, craft your dream, put everything in a beautifully made (match)box and give it to the dream tree. By giving your wish/dream attention, you will plant the first seed… and who knows!





Eveline Wawoe, Nicole van den Kroonenberg, Pim van den Wijngaarde, Wouter Widdershoven

During the day, the children will be entertained in the 'Children's Village'. From arts & crafts to making dreams come true, the sky is the limit! Go to Play & Art for all you want to know about the activities.

The Dangle Men! (5+)

Pim van den Wijngaarde

Dangling in the wind with gawky legs and swaying bodies – we are going to carry them around in a big parade, with music! But first we are going to make them: from paper of course! With your own body as a model and everyone helping each other. We first draw an outline of each others body, then we are going cut them out and decorate them with paint and pieces of paper and such. Attach a piece of string, put it on a pole and stick them high up in the air and.. let them dangle in the wind! We are going out with the Dangle Men!

Will you come too? From age 5 and up and the more children, the more Dangle Men!

Contemplatorium- Vortex en Life Savers

Rob Sweere

Rob Sweere (1963, Boxmeer) creates an uncommon experience in a common surroundings with his artwork. He gets inspired by the natural elements that always surround us.

In each project, Sweere connects man with the natural elements that surround us in the city and everywhere else, such as the air, water or trees. His projects only turn into art at the moment of transformation of the participant. The experience of the visitor is the actual artwork.

At Inspire, experience his Contemplatroium-Vortex and Life Savers.

Wind organ

Jonas Vorwerk

After his education in technical engineering and working at a web design bureau for three years, Jonas Vorwerk started his studies at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. He specialized in interactive installation art. After four years he graduated with honours and founded his Buro with which he focuses fully on multimedia projects.

Jonas Vorwerk designs new media art that invites the audience to participate, experience and share.


Andrea Droës, Arianne van Boxmeer, Beer van Geer, Jarno Burger, Jonas Vorwerk, Jos Agasi, Julian van Buul, Jurjen Alkema, Rob Sweere, Vincent Vriens, Yvonne Beelen

Art will also be highly represented at Inspire Festival. Let yourself be inspired by the interaction between sound & light or, at night, become enchanted by the glow in the dark environment... For more information about the individual performances, go to the Play & Art menu.


Arianne van Boxmeer

Whenever the day is done and the sun has set, a glowing flower world comes to life in the wind. This summer, Glowfield is rooted in Inspire Festival and will take you into a whole new world. Artificial interference will strengthen the natural character of the surroundings. Arianne van Boxmeer likes to offer her audience an experience, a tension field between the spectator, the object and the space. Light, atmosphere and location play an important role in achieving the best results.


Andrea Droës, Jos Agasi, Jurjen Alkema

'Het Blauwe Uur' ('The Blue Hour') is the term for the hour before sunrise and the hour after sunset, when the air turns blue under specific circumstances. Jurjen Alkema, Andrea Dröes and Jos Agasi, who form the group 'Het Blauwe Uur', make visual performances and installations. Light and video transform the darkness around you into a magical experience.

Children's Yoga

Brenda Zuydwijk

In this workshop, children will participate in relaxing exercises, warming up, playful yoga exercises, breathing and meditation exercises, affirmative exercises (repeating of positive sayings), massage, visualization and will end with creating a drawing.

Parent-Child Yoga And Massage

Brenda Zuydwijk

In this workshop, parents and children will participate in relaxing exercises, warming ups, yoga partner exercises, make a collective drawing with the group and give each other massages. The workshop will end with a relaxing visualization.


Yvonne Beelen

What would it be like to live surrounded by love? Where you are loved exactly as you are? Where you are allowed to love everybody? Interactive performance "mMminnestrelen" lets the audience experience this intimate adventure. Yvonne injects everyone with an abundance of love and gives you carte blanche to pass on this love; not just to your loved ones, but especially to others you don’t know (yet)…